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Pure from Pirin

Meet "Predela"

Predela table water has a unique composition, low mineralization, sodium content and fluoride without pesticides. It has an almost neutral pH of 7.8.

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Everyday water

Predela water's low mineralization and almost neutral pH place it in the category of the healthiest waters for everyday use.


Comes from the mountains

"Predela" is extracted at 1,470 meters above sea level from the "Kalugeritsa" spring in the Pirin National Park (protected by UNESCO).


3 stage filtration

Before bottling, the water goes through a 3-stage filtration, ensuring the purity and longivity of the final product.

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Ecological production

When bottling "Predela", green energy, produced by a photovoltaic plant, is used.


Unique composition

Predela water is healthy for people of all ages, as well as for those with various health problems and following diets.

  • F 0.1
  • CL 0.5
  • SO4 3.8
  • NO3 0.84
  • NO2 0.05
  • NH4 0.01
  • Na 0.76
  • Ca 5.5
  • Mg 2.5
We deliver water

The divercity of "Predela"

Predela water 1,5l.


Table water

Predela carbonated water 1,5l.

Predela Carbonated

Carbonated table water

Predela citron water 1,5l.

Predela Lemon

Carbonated water with an aroma of lemon

Some information about us

Predela's heart

Water "Predela" began its journey in 1994. in the town of Blagoevgrad. Since then, we strive to bottle pure natural water without further processing. The production cycle is completely closed and includes bottle inflation, bottling, labeling, stacking and palletizing. This guarantees absolute purity and water quality.

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Bottles per hour


Years of experience

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We support Bulgarian sport

PREDELA is an official partner of the Bulgarian Athletics Federation and over the years we have provided unconditional support to the Bulgarian Olympic sport.

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We have converted to green energy

Our factory uses eco energy from its own photovoltaic plant. The plant is made up of a system that converts sunlight into electricity.

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Benefits from PREDELA's composition

Fluoride (F) in small amounts prevents the formation of kidney stones and grit. Sulphates (SO4) are important for maintaining viable, flexible cells,


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